Create and edit your profile, communicate with sponsors and partners, personalized online presence, data-backed reporting, and more.


Secure rights and IP, create assets and content, improve your marketing, as well as your financial future.


Promote yourself on the platform and online, attract sponsoring companies, develop partnerships and grow your fanbase.


Execute agreements, conduct transactions, verify activation and get paid.

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Our Mission at UREPZ, and our sole purpose to help you.


Do you have a following that you want to market to? Are you an influencer, student-athlete, a former student-athlete (alumni), or Club/Sports Organization, but don't know where to begin? If you answered yes, UREPZ is here to help.


Do you want to hire talent, such as influencers or student-athletes, to promote your business? Do you want to reach audiences through clubs or sports organizations? Look no further than UREPZ.

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