Recovery for Athletes was founded by two brothers, Jared and Aron, whose passion for sports longevity transpired into creating a company that has now helped thousands of athletes, sports teams, physical therapists and more. Jared and Aron grew up playing all sports but ultimately decided to pursue a tennis career. After successful bouts at the University of Illinois, both Jared and Aron went on to compete on the ATP Tour for tennis.

Throughout their careers, both brothers knew how important it was to maintain a healthy body and be injury free. They were exposed to hundreds of different recovery products and devices to help keep them healthy. Some of these products worked and some of them didn’t. Our promise at Recovery for Athletes is that the products we offer are the ones that have worked and helped us maintain a long and healthy tennis career.

We will treat each patient uniquely, with compassion and integrity. We specialize in assessing the individual patient in order to evaluate, diagnose and treat the cause of injury. Chronic care management requires the therapist to work in conjunction with physicians, nurses and family members to maximize a patient’s mobility and independence in the home or community. We have over 30 years of combined experience specializing in orthopedics, sports medicine, neurological and movement disorders, balance training, post-surgical rehabilitation, and more! We are located at 1012 William Hilton Parkway, Suite 7 on the south end of Hilton Head Island right around the corner from the Sea Pines Circle. Just minutes away from Sea Pines, Shipyard, Wexford and Long Cove!

Called to Serve. Proven to Perform.

Our Fellows are senior Non-Commissioned Officers, Warrant Officers and Officers from Green Beret, SEAL, Delta Force, 75th Ranger Regiment, Marine Corps Special Operations and Air Force Special Operations units. They are the military’s pro athletes with special skills and advanced degrees, ready to find the right career. SOTF provides coaching and connections to help Special Operations veterans identify, prepare and execute a personal marketing plan. We also provide unique interactive opportunities for C-Suite executives to meet and explore opportunities in small venues.

Lowcountry Living. Perfected. From the iconic white fences and ice cream shoppe at the nostalgic Greeters Store that welcome you, to the sweeping views of the Okatie River from the Outfitters Center and the pristine greens of the Greg Norman course, Oldfield is more than your dream of Lowcountry living. It is that dream realized. An inviting place where horses, and bicycles packed with fishing gear, are part of the landscape, and where friendly smiles greet you on the streets and sidewalks. The essence of the Lowcountry is woven into the very fabric of Oldfield. Oyster roasts, paddle boarding, and the incomparable splendor of nature are as much a part of life here as the region’s Southern charm. The architecture of each home is quintessential Lowcountry, yet each has the freedom, while respecting the natural beauty of these spectacular surroundings, to express it in its own unique way. Life here is full, rewarding, authentic…and perfected.